Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs

Every dog breed has health problems. Unfortunately, there are still “fairy tales” that wolfdogs are very healthy because they are a natural breed.
But even within the Czechoslovakian wolfdog breed are specific health problems!

On this site we want to inform interested people, owners and breeders about health in this breed by:

  1. Test information
    Purpose and information about health tests available for CsW
  • Dwarfism click here
  • Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)  click here
  1. Possibility of DNA storage and test
  • Information about DNA storage Click  here
  1. HD, ED and ECVO results of Dutch CsW’s
    On the site of the RVBH are registered the official HD, ED and ECVO results of in the Netherlands registered CsW’s. When you fill in the form the correct Dutch pedigreenumber, the correct chipnumber or the correct pedigree name, you can find all the info of this dog.
  • Click here for the link of the RVBH

In 1991, the FCI decided that dogs only in the country where they are registered can have an official HD
. When owners make HD x-rays in other countries, these results are not legal and official.  (and these results will also not appear on the pedigree of future puppies)

  1. General Healthinfo
    Health problems reported by owners
  • Click here
  1. Links:
    Various sites in Dutch language with health information about dogs and/or specific information about the CsW
  • Click here

 When you:

  • Have health information, you want to share with others
  • Know Links and/or articles about health, which also may be of interest to others